Why We Love Our Military Spouses

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day for any military spouse. Either you have to celebrate separate from your significant other, or being together might remind you that they could be called off for duty in an instant. Focusing on just being in the moment can be tough, no matter how lovely of an evening you have together. Instead of stressing about the day, or what might come next in your journey together, here are a few reminders we love our  military spouses, no matter what day it is!

1. Their sacrifice:
Being with someone who sacrifices their time, energy and entire life for the good of our nation is nothing to scoff at. It’s a huge deal to make the sacrifice when it’s only yourself involved, but once married, or in a deeply committed relationship, making that kind of sacrifice is even harder. Knowing that your spouse is devoted to giving you, your family, and your nation freedom and protection is something to always be proud of. You both sacrifice a “normal” relationship to care for our nation as whole. Even though your life is decidedly abnormal, at the end of the day, you’re both willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to ensure the good of your family.

2. Their support:
Regardless of the circumstances, they always make time to keep in touch. They’ll never know how much the countless phone calls, Skype dates, and letters meant. No matter the distance, the simple thought of knowing you care and miss one another can keep you going. The distance makes the need for support for each other that much stronger.

3. The role model they are for your children:
Service members are the ideal role model for our children. The way they juggle the stress of being deployed, while caring for and dealing with their children’s grief does not go unnoticed. They’ll do whatever they can to make their kids feel safe. A call home to help them with their homework or tell them goodnight goes a long way. These men and women selflessly defend our country, while being as attentive a parent as they can, and we love them for it.

4. They know distance is never an obstacle:
They say, “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” but it’s not always so simple. The separation can be harder than you might have imagined. When your other half is a world away, you have to force yourself to be confident for yourself, your spouse, and your children. Howver the distance and missing the little things can remind you of why you love them so incredibly. You eventually realize that your relationship will endure anything after these trials. Also, how much strength you both have, how love is stronger than distance, and that as a couple, you can get through anything together no matter what.

5. Their courage and strength:
They face dangers that many will never understand, and they do it without complaining or backing down. They are courageous, and everyone can do what they do on a daily basis, while being a caring and supportive spouse and parent. They are strong, and they are loved for it.

Although there are many more things you undoubtedly love about your military spouse, these are just a few things that might not always be at the forefront. Remember that you are both in this together, and any reminders of the strength, love, and devotion you each have for one another and your duties are always welcome.

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Posted on February 10 2015 in Blog

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