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Supporting causes near and dear to your heart has never been easier in today’s online landscape. Sites like Facebook and Instagram make donations possible without ever leaving their apps. Even online retail powerhouse Amazon has an entire setup dedicated to donating a percentage of purchases to the charity of your choice. Here’s how to make your support for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund mean the most across the internet:

Facebook Donations are a quick and easy way to raise money and awareness for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund cause. We often add a ‘Donate’ button to posts on our page that explain our mission and its importance so that supporters can donate directly on those posts. There’s also a ‘Donate’ button on our Facebook page. What really makes a difference though, is the ability for our supporters to now launch their own Facebook Fundraisers. We see them pop up most often around a holiday or birthday, and we’ve seen individual Facebook Fundraisers raise thousands of dollars for our mission. Last year, Facebook Donations totaled an impressive $30,000 for IFHF. To setup your own Facebook Fundraiser, click here.

In 2019, it’s projected that Amazon will capture 47% of online sales. In another figure, that’s an estimated sales figure of around $282.52 billion. What many don’t know, is that Amazon offers a virtually invisible feature to help shoppers support causes that are near and dear to their hearts. AmazonSmile is a version of Amazon that looks exactly the same as the traditional Amazon shopping experience. The only difference is that Amazon donates 0.5% of all eligible purchases to the cause of your choice. Sure, that may not seem like a lot but it adds up. To date, AmazonSmile has donated over $11,000 to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund as a result of our supporters’ purchases. To setup your AmazonSmile to support IFHF, click here.

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it was only a matter of time before some sort of feature to support donations popped up on Instagram. That feature appeared in the form of a sticker, to be used for Instagram Stories. The sticker allows organizations or supporters to add it to any post, and raise money for a cause. Since we’ve registered and set our end up, anyone can use it on their stories! Simply swipe up while creating a new story, and click the “Donations” sticker. You’ll be prompted to search for a charity, select IFHF, and you’re all set!

Posted on October 14 2019 in Blog

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