Signs of Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is often the forgotten element of our overall wellness. Physical wellness has always been front and center because it’s the easiest to see. Mental wellness has come to be more recognized and acknowledged. But emotional wellness, which does overlap with mental wellness in some ways, is the next frontier on maintaining our overall wellness. So, what are the signs that someone has good emotional wellness? Here are a few:

Having a sense of your emotions is a huge part of understanding and practicing emotional wellness. Being able to pause and reflect in the moment on why you’re becoming emotionally charged is transformative. This is especially true for our service members suffering the effects of the invisible wounds of war: traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress. While being treated at our Intrepid Spirit Centers, patients learn to acknowledge an emotional moment and learn tools to help de-escalate these moments. 

Physical Wellness
It’s true: the different components that comprise overall wellness are all linked. Good physical wellness doesn’t necessarily mean being in peak physical form, but it does mean that you’re staying active. That activity can be seen in performing daily strength or cardiovascular exercises, but it can also be as simple as keeping yourself moving with a long walk. 

Learning, understanding, establishing, and maintaining boundaries are all very important. The opinions of others are out of our control, and being able to make a decision that doesn’t rest on the approval of others is crucial for one’s own emotional wellness. That doesn’t mean that we need to enjoy every single thing that we have to do, rather it’s about recognizing when to say “no” for the good of your emotional health. 

Relaxation can actually be difficult for people who need to work on their emotional wellness. Relaxation should be about recharging, unwinding, and reflecting. Without taking time for that pause, it’s hard to realize just how much one needs it. Relaxation comes in many forms including socializing, painting, reading, or gardening, to name a few. Making space to relax is an indicator that you have a sense of your emotional wellness, whether you know it by that name or not. 

Emotional wellness is a journey, just like physical and mental wellness. Sometimes good emotional habits are ingrained in us early in life, so we’re off to a good start. Other times, it takes practice and patience to develop our emotional wellness. If you’re looking to work on your emotional wellness, read our blog on improving emotional wellness



Posted on October 26 2020 in Blog

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