Rocky Jones, power lifting gold medalist and former professional wrestler raises money for Veterans by attempting 1,000 free hand squats non-stop!


Rocky Jones– power lifting gold medalist and former professional wrestler (WWE/WWF) raises money for Veterans by attempting 1,000 free hand squats non-stop!

New York, NY May 11, 2011 – Rocky Jones, will attempt 1,000 consecutive free-hand squats at Military Island in Times Square, New York City on May 30th Memorial Day 2011. Fans across the nation can support the troops by DONATING a PENNY PER SQUAT ($10 for all 1,000) to this amazing, one-man, fitness challenge with100% of the proceeds going to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, an organization dedicated to giving medical and rehab care to our Armed Forces Veterans in their new state-of the art facilities in San Antonio, Texas and Bethesda, Maryland.

This high-profile, one-man athletic challenge is being done to promote awareness of the hardships faced by the men and women of the American Armed Services returning from battlefronts, as well as the families of fallen soldiers. The fundraiser will provide aid and support, and become the cornerstone of an ongoing, annual fitness challenge attempted by Rocky Jones.

Rocky’s mission, “It is my goal to raise funds for our returning injured veterans this Memorial Day as well as every Memorial Day from here on out; but beyond this I would like to raise public awareness for the plight of our fallen heroes 365 days per year. We owe these heroes so much more than remembrance on 1 or 2 days a year. I believe we should keep these brave soldiers in our minds and in our hearts each and everyday by doing whatever is necessary to make their lives better. I will do everything I can to see that this occurs and hopefully this energy becomes contagious and spreads throughout our great country so that our fallen heroes get what they so richly deserve.”

Donate 5 Ways:
Text: ROCKY $10 to 95495
Mail: Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, Attn: Contributions, 1 Intrepid Sq, W46th St & 12th Ave, New York, NY 10036

About Rocky Jones
When it comes to fitness, strength, nutrition, and world championship achievement– Rocky Jones is hard to beat. As a former professional wrestler (WWF/WWE), and winning national and world titles and a gold medal in American Olympic weightlifting and power lifting, Rocky has garnered world-renowned recognition for his health and fitness achievements. Also establishing himself as a successful personal trainer, Rocky has worked with professional athletes and TV/film stars and served as a positive influence to his fans, hosting successful anti-drug and anti-steroid PSA’s for NBC and FOX. Ultimately, these appearances led Comcast TV to give Rocky his own fitness show – “Rock Hard with Rocky Jones” – which aired for three years on the Comcast network in the New York metro area. Currently, Rocky is launching the “Stress Terminator” an all natural vitamin that fights fatigue and stress. It is the first vitamin from his supplements line in 2011.

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