RAAM Team Spotlight: Brian Collins

We’re pleased to introduce you to Brian Collins! He’s a returning member of Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes for this year’s RAAM.
1. Give us a brief introduction of yourself. Hobbies/Interests/Occupation, etc.
My day job is running a real estate development for Fisher Brothers. Currently we have over $1 billion of residential buildings under development in NYC and Washington, D.C. Development is challenging, but extremely rewarding because we end up with a beautiful building at the end of the process.
Sports are my non-work passions.  Besides biking, I play soccer and basketball and my boys are college baseball players. So I’m either playing or watching some sporting activity every day.
2.  How were you introduced to the team and RAAM?
Winston Fisher and I were in the office one day, talking about what challenge we could take on. We had moved from Tough Mudder and Spartan Races to triathlons and marathons but we like to do team events and came across RAAM on the internet. It was perfect for us – a challenging physical and psychological event with the opportunity to support a worthy cause. It was so easy to recruit people for the team – anyone who bikes wants to ride across the country. A couple of calls and we had our 8 people [for the 2014 race].
3. Have you participated in an intense athletic event like this before?
I played a couple of sports in college, so I’ve been an athlete my whole life. But I’ve never done an endurance racing and the 6 days of focus and effort is something completely new to me. Endurance events are completely different from games or shorter races and requires a steady and consistent mindset. RAAM has been a game changer for most of us.
4. What training has the team done for the race?
Our primary strategy for RAAM is short sprints and lots of rotation of the four riders. We do a combination of endurance training – lots of miles/hours on the bike – and interval training. In various combinations, the team has done several warm-up events including a triathlon in Utah and the Gran Fondo New York. We also went to Colorado for a week of altitude training which was also an opportunity for the four of us to bond off of the bicycle.
5. Have you done anything different than your teammates to prepare?
We all worked very hard in our training but each of us like different things.  Jessica loves her spinning classes; Chip likes his long distance rides. I tend to throw myself totally into the challenge so I was doing two-a-days for a couple of months. The morning session was typically interval training and then in the evening I would try to get a consistent endurance ride.  A lot of it was indoors during the winter which can be pretty boring. Thank goodness for old movies – I think I’ve seen them all at this point!
To follow Brian and the rest of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund’s RAAM team on their race – starting June 20th, check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also follow the hashtag #TeamIFHF for updates from all of the team. You can also make a donation right on their website that will directly benefit our nation’s heroes. Thanks for your support!

Posted on June 18 2015 in Blog

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