Patriotic Pups Show Their American Pride

This great country has a love of two things – freedom and dogs. With today being July Fourth, why not combine the two?!

Many groups have found that man’s best friend may be an effective aid in dealing with PTS. Dogs can be especially helpful for the recovery journey because:

● Dogs love unconditionally.

● Dogs respond well to authority.

● Dogs help relearn trust.

● Dogs help re-learn love.

● Dogs are vigilant.

● Dogs are fiercely loyal.

Still not convinced? Check out these dogs who know how to show their American spirit:

Photo via @pupbox

Photo via @dogtrekker

Photo via @lonemic

Photo via @Insanitydevice

Photo via @gordonthevizsla

Photo via @nycampcanine

What’s not to like about a dog that loves America? This year on the Fourth of July, be like these dogs and enjoy your freedom!

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Posted on July 4 2016 in Blog

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