New Military Films & Shows To Watch in 2019

Every year, we see new depictions of military experiences on both the big and small screen. This past year was no exception, with a number of new productions focused around military heroes from around the world. Here are just a few of the latest releases to add to your streaming queues:

They Shall Not Grow Old
Travel back to World War I with this documentary helmed by Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson. In a brilliant move, They Shall Not Grow Old adds color to hours of footage from WWI. As if that’s not enough, the project, which took several years to complete, employed lip readers to accurately interpret what soldiers were saying when they talked into the camera and took trips to footage locations in order to properly determine the colors down to the smallest details. The film is returning to theaters this year.

Medal of Honor
The highest and most prestigious decoration that recognizes U.S. service members who have performed significant acts of valor is the Medal of Honor. It is such an exclusive honor that fewer than 4,000 people have received the medal since it was instituted during The American Civil War in 1863. But who are these heroes? This Netflix docu-series aims to answer that question using staged recreations as well as testimony from recipients and those who witnessed their acts of valor. The first installment of this docu-series tells the stories of 8 Medal of Honor recipients whose acts of valor took place between WWII and present-day conflicts.


Sgt. Will Gardner
This film hits particularly close to home for us. Despite it being a fictional story, it’s one that we know all too well. The film tells the story of Iraq War veteran Sgt. Will Gardner. During his tour of duty Sgt. Gardner sustains a Traumatic Brain Injury, which presents him with a whole new set of challenges once he returns home from combat. He also suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress, which results in flashbacks to his service. After a number of setbacks, he decides to set out on a journey across America via motorcycle, to reunite with his son and heal from his Invisible Wounds of War.

Posted on January 21 2019 in Blog

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