Moving with the Military

It’s no secret that being a member of the military means moving around the country (and possibly the world) one, two or even 10 times. Moving can be stressful for a family especially after building relationships, planting your roots and settling in. This time around, take the stress out of your next move with these helpful tips.

Clean up.
No one is immune to household clutter. Everyone commits to spring cleaning and has a garage sale once every summer, but there is still a mountain of stuff you don’t use or stuff you didn’t unpack from the last time you moved. Before moving this time, donate or sell the household items or clothing you no longer need. Wash the clothes from the back of your closet and the sheets from the dark corners of the linen closet. Clean up and declutter so you don’t have to worry about it in your new space. Empty out your refrigerator, pantry and closets.

Get organized.
All over the internet you can find free printable checklists for moving – packing lists, travel checklists, to-do lists and even shopping lists. Print one off and throw it in a binder. Also, use color coded tabs or sticky notes to label boxes for different rooms of the house. That way, when you go to unpack, all the boxes are in the room they should be. When you get to your new house, unpack one room at a time. Moving room by room will help keep your head and house clear.

Set aside extra money.
Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, there won’t be a lot of room for grocery shopping the few days before and after the big move. Set aside some extra cash for takeout and drive-thru. Keep life simple by avoiding extra mess in the kitchen and dishes in the sink. It never fails that you’ll need boxes and tape too, so have money set aside to make the run to the store.

Stay positive.
Moving is a stressful process for any family, but no matter the situation, stay positive. While it’s a huge challenge to move, it is also an opportunity for new family adventures and memories. When the dust settles, you’ll be able to look back and cherish the new memories.


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Posted on July 17 2017 in Blog

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