Maintaining Physical Wellness At Home

Maintaining physical wellness can be a challenge under normal circumstances. Being stuck at home social distancing seems only to increase those challenges. Those of us living in urban environments especially experience these new challenges with limited space to stretch and work out. However, it’s not impossible to get into a good physical wellness routine even while stuck at home. And that routine doesn’t end with physical exercise! Here are some of the best ways to stay physically fit while stuck at home:

Online Fitness Classes & Apps
It’s hard to do anything on social media without seeing a friend, or a friend of a friend, or a celebrity posting about or sharing their workout. Fitness professionals are stuck at home just like everyone else. Some are taking to Instagram Live to walk followers through free workouts, while others are still conducting classes through their spaces. Some apps are even giving free workouts. One app, FitBod, offers custom workouts, and is currently offering free workouts based on bodyweight-only exercises. Other big names such as Peloton and Equinox are offering free workouts/trials to help people stay physically fit from home. 

Meditation & Mindfulness
It’s important to remember to exercise more than just your muscles! Take some time to push out the chaos and let in the calm, making a stressful day at home seem more manageable or even appealing. That calm can even lead to some more time for physical exercise. There are an endless supply of meditation apps to help you get started. Even just 5 minutes of meditation each day can make a difference in both physical and mental wellness.

Walks, Runs, etc.
Though some densely populated areas are deterring outdoor physical activities, open areas outside of our cities are perfect for maintaining and even improving physical wellness. Going for a run or a walk are just the most obvious aerobic activities. For those in close quarters, jumping jacks, burpees, high knees, lunge jumps, and mountain climbers are all great ways to get the blood flowing and heart pumping that require minimal space!

Stay Hydrated
Water is essential to all aspects of our health. It’s recommended that people drink around half a gallon (or 2 liters) of water each day. Since many of us are now at home for the whole day, find a water bottle and measure how much water it holds. From there it’s as simple as calculating how many refills it will take to reach half a gallon and tracking progress throughout the day. There are even plenty of smartphone apps that can help track progress and remind you to hydrate.



Posted on April 20 2020 in Blog

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