Long Distance Relationship Tips for Military Spouses

A long distance relationship is normal for men and women with a significant other in the military. Though the times can be tough, they can make the bond tighter and the reunions so much greater. During these times away, strengthen your relationship with your significant other using these ideas:

To help you keep your mind off of the long distance part of the relationship, find a hobby or get involved in your community! These are great ways to preoccupy yourself and pursue your own interests. From joining a book club, to volunteering at a local shelter, or starting a blog, you’ll find productive, new ways to spend your time, and can share your experiences with your significant other. (Send us a message on Facebook if you’d like to contribute to our blog!)

Classic snail mail: It’s a beautiful way to remind your significant other that you’re thinking about him or her. From seeing your handwriting to smelling your perfume or cologne on the letter, it can truly be a sensory experience. Find some nice stationery, think about what you want to write, and make it special for the loved one who is receiving it. Hand-written words mean so much more than black and white text on a computer screen!

While your significant other is away, send them care packages filled with things that he or she loves. Whether you include food, games, pictures, or objects that remind them of home, it will mean so much for them to receive items from home.

Based on the schedules both of you have, plan out days and times when you can talk or Skype each other. Having a schedule makes it so much easier for both parties, and it avoids constantly playing phone tag when the other is not available. Make the planned days and times sacred, and a priority. Call them “date nights.” You can just chat and catch up, play games, or watch movies with each other.

Whenever something happens in your life and your loved one is not around to experience it with you, write down details from those memories. That way, when you talk to your significant other on date night or write him or her a letter, you can share those details and make him or her feel like they were there and part of the memory, too. Remember that what may seem minor to you might still be something he or she wants to hear about!

Don’t waste a minute of the time you DO have together! Cherish it and create a bucket list of sorts that filled with things to do while you two are together. Catch a movie, plan date nights, see family and friends, and savor the moments where you get to experience the things you love to do together. Just remember to live in the moment and be present.

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Posted on February 4 2016 in Blog

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