Homecoming Tips for Kids

After all this time waiting, Mom or Dad is finally coming home from their tour of duty! What an exciting time in your life! Initially you’re probably going to be really excited about their return however you may also encounter a few thoughts that make you nervous. What will it be like when we are all back together? Will he/she still be the same? Are they going to look/act different? Understand that all of these questions are normal.

A homecoming is a very emotional time in the life of every military family and excitement probably isn’t the only emotion you will face. It’s important not to feel guilty about any of the emotions you face. Below we share a few tips to try to make things easier for the whole family.

The Day of:

Let your Mom or Dad make a fuss about what you’re wearing.
It may seem like a small detail to you, but they are just as nervous and excited for their spouse to return as you are.

Be prepared to wait.
Homecomings are often unpredictable. You may have to stand outside and wait for hours before you get to see your parent.

Bring plenty of tissues.
Whether it is you or your parent crying, homecomings are an emotional moment that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Easing the transition:

Spend quality time together.
Go and do fun activities together that you missed out on while they were away. This could be any number of things from going fishing to seeing a fun movie. Remember that your parent may need to take it slowly after returning home but be sure to let them know you’re ready for fun when they are!

Don’t feel guilty for doing things without them.
Life doesn’t get put on pause when your parent returns. You will want to spend as much time with them as possible, but remember you still have school to worry about.

Be prepared to share your parent.
You probably won’t want to leave your parent’s side when they first get back. Remember though, many other people besides you missed your parent while they were away!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
This is a wonderful time in your life that you should enjoy to the fullest. Time at home together can be precious so make the most out of it and create memories that will last forever.

Posted on August 1 2016 in Blog

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