Heroic Military Dogs

Dogs have been marching alongside military forces for centuries. In the United States, dogs have been an integral part of military forces. Whether they’re marching into battle, sniffing out chemical attacks, securing perimeters, protecting their handlers, helping to seek out wounded warriors or charging into the line of fire, dogs have been a critical component of modern warfare. Here are a few of the most notable and heroic dogs to serve in the U.S. Military:

Sergeant Stubby
Sergeant Stubby served during World War I. He didn’t just serve in one capacity though, his accomplishments are many and varied. Initially, he was responsible for catching a German spy who was mapping positions of Allied forces. Then, a twist of fate bestowed a nose for sensing gas attacks after he survived a gas attack on his battalion. That heightened sense of smell for gas enabled Stubby to sniff out the next attack early, saving a slew of soldiers’ lives. But Stubby wasn’t done yet. He then became an indispensable force in sniffing out wounded and deceased soldiers. Not only did Stubby’s contributions lead him to meet three U.S. Presidents, he also became the mascot of Georgetown University. He’s also the only dog to be given a rank and promoted to sergeant through combat.

Cairo was part of the SEAL team who carried out the raid in Pakistan that led to the demise of Osama bin Laden in 2011. Equipped with a Kevlar vest that contained harnesses for rappelling and parachuting (and a night-vision camera), his role of securing the compound’s perimeter was crucial to the success of the mission.

Lex was deployed in Fallujah when a mortar struck him and his handler, Cpl. Dustin Lee. Though he was struck by shrapnel, Lex managed to maneuver over to Cpl. Lee and cover his body so he couldn’t be further injured. The story goes that medics had to pull Lex off of Lee because of how fiercely he protected him. Though Lee’s injuries proved to be fatal, Lex’s bravely was never forgotten. Lex retired honorably and was adopted by Lee’s family.

Chips was the most decorated dog who served during World War II. He was discovered when it became apparent that dogs were useful to the Army, and a call was put out for people to send their pets to the battlefield. Chips served for a total of 3 years before being honorably discharged. His most valiant effort came in 1943, when be broke free from his handler and launched himself into a hidden German gun nest. Not only did he attack the German soldiers, he also pulled a machine gun from the base. On the same day, he helped capture 10 enemy soldiers. He also served as a guard dog during a conference between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. 



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