From The Armed Forces To The Work Force: Tips To Help Land A Job After The Military

When you make the decision to transition from a military career to a civilian career, there’s a lot to consider, including where to start. The process is different for everyone; some find their new career within the first few weeks but others may take several months. Check out our three helpful kickoff tips to help you get going, including ideas on updating your resume, researching your dream job and preparing for the interview.

Prepare Your Resume
What better time to spruce up your resume than when transitioning out of active duty? Getting all of your information together can take some time, but there is nothing more restricting in your job search than a poorly formatted resume. A standard resume typically starts with your basic information and includes a summary of your work, education, professional experiences, and technical proficiencies.

Hirepurpose has put together six military-to-civilian sample resumes that you can use as examples. There are certainly many other ways to make your resume stand out, but start with the basics to begin the process.

Apply For The Right Job
After you have your resume setup, you can get started on your official job search! It can be tempting to apply for anything and everything, but it is important to make sure that you’re doing your research and applying for the right job.  Although the process can seem daunting, there are many resources that can help you move through your career search.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, consider tailoring your resume to the job that you’re applying for. For example, if you apply for a managerial position and have management experience, be sure to include that in your summary so your relevant skills stand out to your future employer.

Practice Your Interview Skills

Research before the interview is just as critical as it was when searching for the job in the first place. If your interviewer asks a typical question like, “Why do you want to work here?” you need to be prepared with answers about the company’s culture, current clients, etc. has rounded up a list of the 10 most common interview questions to help you get ready for the meeting.

Because you undoubtedly learned valuable workforce skills while serving in the military, check out Hirepurpose’s “How To Play Up Military Strength In A Civilian Job Interview” resource shared by Task and Purpose. This will help you prepare specific examples to support statements about what you gained from your military experience.

While the job search process can be intimidating, it is helpful and rewarding, and can teach you a lot about your life goals. This new chapter is an exciting opportunity for growth, and opens doors to your future career. Do you have any tips to share? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Posted on February 13 2017 in Blog

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