Five Ways to Show Appreciation for Military Loved Ones

Serving in the military can be difficult for a number of reasons. Putting one’s life on the line for his or her country is an enormous sacrifice. And, on top of it all, members of the armed forces spend countless hours away from their loved ones. Here are five simple ways to express your gratitude for their sacrifice:

  1. Write letters
    A simple, heartfelt letter of gratitude can be so meaningful to military personnel and their families. Sending one letter or getting a group of people together to send letters shows that the sacrifice they are making is noticed and appreciated. It is a simple way to brighten the day of a soldier.
  2. Send care packages to active duty personnel
    Care packages have several benefits. Not only do they lift spirits by showing that someone cares, but they also provide meaningful and useful gifts. Games and magazines are good ways to help them pass time with their friends, and items like letters or family photos are wonderful reminders of home. Hygiene items are another care package necessity. Whether you’re looking for general care package ideas or something for a specific holiday like Valentine’s Day or Easter, inspiration is everywhere! If you don’t have anyone specific to send a care package to, visit, Soldiers Angels or the Public Affairs Office at your nearest military installation to find out where you can send them.
  3. Help their families
    Not only do the members of the military make a great sacrifice to serve their country, but their families do as well. Days on end without a significant other or parent can take an enormous toll on a family. By offering to help with simple household chores like mowing the lawn in the summer, shoveling snow in the winter or offering a few hours of babysitting can lift so much stress and tension off the families’ shoulders.
  4. Listen
    Start conversations with members of the military. Ask what branch of the military they served in or what their role was. Ask why they chose to serve and what their favorite part of service was. Without being intrusive, be supportive and give your full attention. Just listening can be so comforting.
  5. Say “thank you”
    The easiest and biggest way to show appreciation for military personnel is to just say “thank you.” A simple “thanks for your service” goes a long way, and means more than anyone can imagine.

There are so many ways to express your gratitude for the armed forces, and many of them are as easy as just saying “thank you.” Next time you are at the grocery store or just sitting around your house, think of how you can show your appreciation, and go for it!

Posted on May 8 2017 in Blog

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