Easter Care Package Ideas

For any service members, holidays away from family can bring on homesickness. It’s especially hard if they’re missing out on certain holiday traditions, making memories with kids, or if it’s a special time for them. It’s no surprise that care packages are popular within the military, and sending one on Easter is the perfect way to make your favorite service member feel right at home when he or she is thousands of miles away.

First thing’s first: order your box. USPS will send a FREE APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Box right to your door. After you browse through Pinterest for Easter care package ideas and review what you can and can’t put in boxes based on USPS shipping restrictions, it’s time to start shopping! Luckily, any stroll through a local grocery or drugstore at this time of year reminds you of the endless holiday-themed goody options. Consider buying empty Easter eggs and filling them with candies, snacks, or even sweet notes from family members. It becomes like his or her own personal Easter egg hunt while going through all the eggs to see what surprises are inside!

To help the homesickness, round your family up in their Sunday best and take some pictures to send. Sure, your kids might wonder why they’re getting dressed up early for Easter, but it can make your hero feel more like they are part of the celebration to see everyone. Another option is to send pictures from Easters past, especially if your service member is in them.

Don’t forget practical items! While it’s easy to get caught up in themed treats, it’s important to remember to send things service members really need, like toiletries, non-perishable snacks, forms of entertainment, etc. Something that’s so simple and easily accessible for us can be tricky for them to get their hands on, so be sure to send their favorite products along.

Once all of the items have been purchased, it’s decoration time! Get some markers, construction paper, tissue paper, and other craft supplies to make the care package a fun surprise. This little bit of extra effort really shows your service member how much time, effort, and thought went into making his or her day, so personalize the box and make it special. If you have children, this is a perfect way to get the kids involved and remind your hero overseas of how much your kids appreciate, miss, and love their favorite soldier.

Then, seal up the box and send it on its way. You’re making a hero’s day by sending them something to smile about when they’re so far from home.

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Posted on March 20 2017 in Blog

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