Drill Fitness Supports IFHF April 25th

You might remember Winston Fisher from last year’s Race Across America where he was a member of Team Intrepid Fallen Heroes. He’s also one of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund’s top supporters and he’s teamed up with IFHF again through his new fitness center, Drill Fitness!
On April 25, Drill Fitness is hosting a bootcamp-style team workout day called Spring Games 2015. Entry fees to the Spring Games will go directly to IFHF to help us build centers for our service members.
So how do the Spring Games work? It’ll be a 60-minute high-intensity cardio/strength endurance class. The first 30 minutes involves a high-energy RIDE and BODY class with your team of 15. After that, you switch to 30 minutes of HIIT cross training. If you like intense workouts, this will be perfect for you! It’s challenging, intense, and if you keep it up, you’ll see changes in your body in no time. The games are open to everyone and there will be games and prizes to look forward to in addition to the intense classes!
The Spring Games will be held at the new Drill Fitness gym at 136 Church St, New York, NY 10007 and the first class is held at 9:00am. See the full schedule and sign up here and don’t forget to bring your intensity!

Posted on April 16 2015 in Blog

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