Deployment Time: 5 Tips for Military Spouses

The day of deployment can be an emotional rollercoaster for any service member, however, being a military spouse can come with its own set of challenges. It is a heavy burden to see your loved one deployed but having a system to help you through this time can help alleviate some of the stress.  Here are a few tips for getting through those difficult days.
1. Don’t Obsess
The first few days of dealing with deployment will probably be some of the most challenging days. If you need some time off, you are entitled to it. However, obsessing over the well-being of your spouse is not healthy. Refrain from watching the news compulsively and do your best at staying calm if you haven’t heard from your spouse in a while. They may just be too busy to communicate at any given time.
2. Communicate
While you shouldn’t panic if you haven’t heard from your spouse, you should still communicate as often as possible. It’s quite possible that you have fallen into a routine before deployment, so you can use the phone calls, letters, and face-to-face web time as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with each other. Be creative and know that it will take time to adapt to a different method of conversation. Soak up all the chances you get to talk and use them as benchmarks to push you forward. While limited, every bit of communication helps.
3. Surround Yourself with Support
Your spouse is the person you told everything to. Now that he or she is gone, it can be tough to keep all the feelings, dreams, frustrations, and fears bottled up. Finding someone to vent to or just be around as company can really soften the frustration and loneliness. Having a close confidant who you share every small thing with will also make it easier when you have big things to talk through. Support communities are usually available in your city and there are even more on the internet. Don’t be afraid to reach out.
4. Get Involved
Another method you can use to keep your mind off of your spouse is getting involved with different clubs or events. Make goals for yourself! Join a soccer team, try volunteering, or maybe there’s a small group you’ve been interested in but have never joined. The possibilities are endless. Focusing on something else outside of your world can be a great way to cope. Whatever it is, you should find something that you can enjoy on a weekly basis that gives you some ‘you time’.
5. Be Proud
As mentioned before, your spouse is quite literally putting their life on the line. All for the protection and freedom of our country. You should be proud of that bravery, as it is not something everyone can or would do. Keeping that perspective can make it easier to deal with.
While the time of deployment can be tough, the return home is always sweeter than expected. What tips have you learned in your experiences or being a military spouse? Tweet us or send us a wall post on Facebook!

Posted on October 23 2014 in Blog

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