Celebrating Fourth of July With PTS: How to Skip the Fireworks and Still Have Fun

The United States commemorates the 1776 adoption of the Declaration of Independence every year with a day off work, a day spent with family and some great barbecue. Another celebration synonymous with July 4 is fireworks, but fireworks can have a negative effect on many people. Fireworks can cause anxiety, fear and difficult memories for men and women who suffer from post traumatic stress, or PTS. If you or someone you love experiences this type of reaction to fireworks, it’s still possible to celebrate our great country’s independence without fear or worry.

Have a cookout.
Fire up the grill and throw on some burgers and hot dogs for your friends and family. Make it a potluck and have people bring their favorite side dish or dessert to share. Put on a themed barbecue with red, white and blue decorations and some fun recipes.

Head out of town.
Our country is beautiful, so celebrate the independence our forefathers gave us and discover the beauty on your own. Find a great camping spot and pack up the family for a long weekend, or search for a gorgeous river and take the family fishing. Whatever your outdoor adventure of choice, indulge in it to celebrate our great country.

Have a bonfire.
The crackling of a campfire and the taste of a freshly roasted marshmallow are sure to get your friends and family running to the backyard. Bonfires are a great summer treat for everyone.

Use sparklers.
Sparklers give off the firework vibe with none of the sounds. You can make creative designs or write out messages and snap a photo. Plus, sparklers are great fun for the kids!

The Fourth of July commemorates this country’s independence with a fun day spent with loved ones, but if you or someone you love suffers from PTS, try these fun family activities instead, so that everyone can enjoy the holiday. Click to learn more about treatment at our Intrepid Spirit centers.


Posted on June 26 2017 in Blog

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