Celebrating Father’s Day While Dad’s Away

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fatherhood and the important role that a father plays in his family. Ask any father what he wants to do most on Father’s Day and spending quality time with his family will be number one. Unfortunately, many military fathers don’t have that luxury because of their deployment. Here are five ways to celebrate and honor dad even if he’s far away.

Set up a time to video chat with Dad
Technology has made communication during deployment much easier. Video chatting is a great way to celebrate dad on Father’s Day. Some soldiers don’t have internet access or the time to video chat, but setting up a time beforehand is a good way to ensure contact. Father’s Day is a popular day for video chats, so try setting something up for the day before or after.

Create special gifts to send to Dad
Crafts can entertain children for hours. On Father’s Day, sitting the kids down with a few crafts is a good way to occupy their time and keep them thinking about dad. Special drawings or art projects that showcase the reasons the kids love and miss their dad are perfect ways to honor dad and show him how important he is even while he is away.

Utilize the camera
Snapping pictures of the kids and emailing them to dad throughout the day is a great way to keep dad involved in Father’s Day activities. The kids will love showing off what they’re doing, and dad will love seeing his kids.

Finish one of dad’s projects
Home improvement projects can be hard to finish. While dad’s away, round up the family to finish one of dad’s projects. After you finish, snap and send a picture of the whole family with the finished project in the background. Dad will be so proud of the handymen and handywomen you have all become while he’s away. And, when dad gets home, the kids will be ready and willing to help him with his next project.

Celebrate now AND later
It’s never a bad idea to send your deployed dad cards, letters or pictures to let him know you miss him and are thinking about him. Father’s Day is a great day to honor dad even if he is far away. Even if you celebrate him while he is gone, dad won’t be opposed to a Father’s Day breakfast in bed when he gets home. Set aside another day when dad gets back to celebrate him and spend the whole day having fun as a family.

Father’s Day can be difficult for everyone involved when dad is away. Even the smallest celebration in dads honor will brighten his day, so this Father’s Day, celebrate dad by spending the day making crafts for him, finishing up one of his projects and just letting him know you’re thinking about him and you miss him.


Posted on June 5 2017 in Blog

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