Building a Center to Treat TBIs & PTS

The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund mission is to treat the invisible wounds of war: traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress (PTS). Part of that battle is turning your donations into the ideal environment to foster recovery from these injuries. With the help of the architectural, engineering and planning firm, SmithGroup, our Intrepid Spirit Centers came to life. These centers are designed as satellites to the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), a previous collaboration between SmithGroup and IFHF, which is now the world’s most advanced treatment and research center for understanding and treating cases of TBI and PTS in U.S. military service members. 

With NICoE and the Intrepid Spirit Centers, a network has been created across the country that functions similar to a healthcare system. Information flows in all directions; from NICoE to the Intrepid Spirit Centers and vice versa, but also from Intrepid Spirit Center to Intrepid Spirit Center. All centers are built on a standard template which maintains a visual style as well as a layout that consists of education and administration, rehabilitation services, and clinical services. The unique interdisciplinary model of care brings all physicians and therapists together under one roof to collaborate in the diagnosis and treatment of military personnel who exhibit the many symptoms of TBI and PTS. Their methods have proven extremely effective and allowed more than 90% of patients to continue on Active Duty in the armed forces.

This template is customizable too. Some Intrepid Spirit Centers are like walking through the same building in a different location. Others are virtual mirrors, applying the same blueprint, but jutting off in the opposite direction. Still others tailor the details to suit how they plan to apply their treatments, and by observing the successes and room for improvements from the designs of past centers.

As each center comes online, it receives and transmits information from NICoE, and the other Intrepid Spirit Centers. For example, Fort Campell’s center developed a centralized reception which it shared with centers at Fort Hood and Fort Bragg. Firearm training simulation was adapted from NICoE at the Fort Hood Intrepid Spirit Center and will be utilized at Eglin Air Force Base once that center opens its doors later in 2020. Joint-Base Lewis-McChord’s art therapy program made strides that were communicated back to NICoE, as well as Camp Pendleton’s center. Even a vegetable garden that originated at Camp Pendleton has been carried over to Eglin Air Force Base for their center. These open channels of communication help each center develop, succeed, and heal our heroes. 

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Posted on March 23 2020 in Blog

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