Adopting a Military Dog

Dog lovers, alert: you can adopt a furry friend while rescuing an American hero at the same time! That’s right … You can adopt a retired military dog. For anyone interested in adopting a new pup, this is the perfect way to do it.

MWD stands for Military Working Dog, but we think “most wonderful dog” works, too! A retired MWD is a police and military dog that can no longer perform required tasks but still makes a good companion. After going through strict training, these dogs are often well disciplined and great listeners. Though military dogs can experience PTS just like servicemen and servicewomen, all MWDs have to pass behavioral tests to make sure they are good companions for their new owners. Some of these dogs are just pups who weren’t cut out for the military lifestyle, and some are older dogs who did awesome work and are now looking for a friendly home in which to retire. Some of the older dogs have medical problems because of how hard they worked to serve our country, so owners must be willing to give them the care they deserve.

There is no fee to adopt a retired MWD. To start the official adoption process, applicants must fill out a form and submit it to a MWD school or rescue location. Once an applicant is selected as a candidate, he or she must meet all of the requirements to give these furry heroes a loving and safe home. A candidate’s patience is tested, typically waiting 12 to 18 months until he or she gets the new family member. The dogs are usually German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, and other sporting and herding breeds.

So why adopt a retired MWD instead of another dog? They are chosen because they are intelligent, focused, and driven. These pups are used to an active life, so they are eager and ready to play. You are getting the same joy, triumph, and occasional challenges that come with the adoption of any regular dog, but you are giving an American hero a home. There are multiple working dog programs that offer adoptions. For more information about adopting retired MWDs, visit

Posted on March 13 2017 in Blog

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