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The Prevalence of TBI 2016

Posted: 4/18/2016 1:10:03 PM

It’s time for our annual update on worldwide numbers representing medical diagnoses of TBI occurred anywhere U.S. forces are located – including the continental United States since 2000. Although we’ve tried to stress the severity of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), it’s difficult to show how much it really is impacting our service members without some hard data. For that reason, here are a few facts about how prevalent TBI is from the year 2015 alone.



The Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS) reports that there have been a worldwide total of 18,066 US Military TBI cases in 2015. That number is up 6,000 from the prior year. Of those 18,066 cases, 10,362 (57%) are from the U.S. Army alone. In only one year, this number has jumped from 7,128 to 10,362 (45% increase) solely in the U.S. Army. These cases may seem minor, but treatment is still necessary. Due to our armed forces being thrown into combat, a high rate of these men and women are suffering with symptoms like loss of consciousness, memory loss, structural brain imaging and confusion or disorientation that lasts for hours.

Unfamiliar with TBI? TBI is when someone receives a bump, blow to the head or a penetrating head injury that obstructs the normal function of the brain. With such a wide range of causes, it is easy to see why this is so prevalent with our service members.

Many of our nation’s heroes struggle with the recovery from TBI. That’s where the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund (IFHF) comes in. Our goal is to support men and women of the Armed Forces and their families by raising funds to build Intrepid Spirit centers. These centers help diagnose and treat TBI. Five Intrepid Spirit centers have been completed and begun treating patients – one more is currently under construction, however there is still a ways to go to complete our goal of 9 centers. Once complete, the Intrepid Spirit centers will treat thousands of patients annually, providing them and their families the most advanced care possible. You can help support these service members and their families by donating directly to IFHF. 100% of your donations go to constructing a new Intrepid Spirit center.