5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween When Deployed

Halloween can be a little different when deployed, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it pass by without celebrating! It’s important for service members to take time off and enjoy the lighter side of being stationed. Whether your significant other is overseas or you’re just looking to liven up your stationed base, here are some tips you can use for your Halloween Celebration.

1. Carve Military Themed Pumpkins
This is a great family option to show support of your deployed loved ones. Bonus points if you can get pumpkins overseas! Of course carving the seal of your military branch is always a classic one, but you can also make it more personal. Paint the pumpkins camouflaged or maybe carve an F-16, a boxed letter of “Semper Fi”, or even a classic pumpkin with Old Glory! These stencils can help you get started: Army / Navy / Marines / Air Force / Coast Guard


2. Dress Up The Pup
Does your unit have a canine in it? Nothing can brighten a service member’s day more than seeing Lassie in a new uniform. This can be a fun easy way to boost morale and get a quick laugh. You can do the same at home by dressing up the dog in a military themed uniform. Check out these great military options from PupRwear Dog Boutique. This is a great way to show support for our service members and their efforts overseas.


3. Screen A Classic Scary Movie
What’s more fun than getting a little spooky? A screening of a traditional scary movie is always a crowd pleaser. A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Dracula, are all sure to give a fun jolt to any viewer. While these may be too scary for the kids at home, you can always Skype in mom or dad from their positioned station to tell ghost stories on Halloween night. It can add some great family fun!


4. Traditional Costume Contest
While there’s nothing wrong with a regular costume contest, take it a step further with some group costumes for your deployment group. Super heroes are always a good stand by, but adding in some categories can help limit the number of Batmans in the group. Try some categories like these to test out the creativity of everyone: Bands/Musicians, Favorite TV Couple, Classic Halloween Ghouls, Horror Movie Characters, Best Royal Couple (think Disney and beyond), Cartoon Characters.

If you’re separated from your significant other you can still do couple costumes and take photos through Skype. It’s a good way to lighten the mood when deployment can be so serious and lonely. Need some couple costume ideas? What about Superman and Lois Lane, Tom Hanks and Wilson from Castaway, Peter Pan and Wendy, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Mario and Peach?


5. Get Active
There’s nothing like a good competition, right? If several people have complicated costumes, any type of a “fun run” will be sure to give some thrills.

However, if the costumes aren’t very popular with your deployment group, a competition for sweets can make up for it. A giant pixie stick for the most push-ups? Ten miniature Snickers for the most sit-ups? Or even Rice Krispies for the race winner? All those extra calories burned will definitely have earned a sweet reward – plus bragging rights are always good to have.

Since the kiddos back home will most likely be burning their calories by trick-or-treating, you can get involved with them by having them write down which houses had the best candy. That way, when you’re back from deployment next year, you can go with them to the best houses.

What ideas have you heard of? What does your unit do for Halloween? Let us know! Whatever the activity, festive days can be a great way to unwind and release stress.

Posted on October 30 2014 in Blog

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