4 Essentials to Dealing With Deployment

Without a doubt, the role of being a military spouse while your partner is deployed is a huge undertaking. During this time, just “staying busy” and focusing on yourself and your family should be your number one priority. However, doing these seemingly simple things can become spiritually and emotionally challenging. Fundamentally, you must remember to listen to yourself and your needs while your spouse is deployed.

Stay Social
Military communities are wonderful support systems. The members of these integrated communities are going through similar struggles and hardships. Becoming active with your fellow military families is a great way to meet new people and get the support you need. Even getting involved in other areas of your community can help — the key is being around people you are comfortable with and getting to know new people who can help build a great support system. Remember: you are not alone!

Stay Active
According to the American Psychological Association, exercising and staying physically active helps enhance mood and control stress levels. Adding just a few minutes of physical activity to your routine is a great way to improve your health and feel great, too. Just being outside, getting some fresh air can help get you back into focus.

Stay Informed
Always remember that it’s okay to ask for help. Knowing when to ask for this help is also crucial. When daily life gets too overwhelming, or when staying busy seems too hard, you can get help. Military families have several resources available to them to ease the burden. Check out these detailed, helpful resources.

Stay Happy
While your military partner is away, you are a fundamental component in keeping family life together and in order. Celebrate yourself every once in a while and pamper yourself – you deserve it!



Posted on April 25 2016 in Blog

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