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Intrepid Spirit

After completing construction of and opening the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund worked closely with military leadership  to determine how best to further expand care to our wounded heroes in uniform suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) and psychological health conditions. This led to the Fund’s newest effort:  designing and building additional centers that will serve as satellites to NICoE and located at some of the major military bases around the country. These centers will extend the care currently provided at NICoE out to the home bases of many of the troops suffering the effects of TBI and related injuries. Data from these centers will be transmitted back to NICoE and aid its ongoing research program, helping to improve detection, diagnosis and treatment. Secondarily, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund will also provide financial support for research efforts at these facilities and at NICoE.

Called "Intrepid Spirit," these centers will be of smaller scale than NICoE and will focus on diagnosis and treatment. The Centers may be built as independent stand-alone structures or may be incorporated into existing structures, depending on the conditions at each base at which the Centers are built. 
Patient Care in each individual center will be approached in a manner similar to NICoE. Each Intrepid Spirit center will incorporate the following facilities:
  • Intake/Clinic area: includes psychiatric testing, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, neuro psych testing rooms, and typical exam rooms. 
  • Physical Therapy: open gym layout with standard physical therapy equipment including adjustable mat tables, parallel bars, treadmills, alter-G gait trainer, and other physical therapy items.
  • Sleep Lab:  one sleep room, equipped with the sleep system and ambient therapy music; and a control room, equipped with a computer monitoring system.
  • Central Park: Similar to the Central Park space at NICoE, providing a calm atmosphere for patient and family member relaxation and family education, with a meditative feel and including ambient therapy music.
  • Family Room: centrally located and adjacent to the outdoor patio, providing a reprieve space for patients and family to spend time together and take a break from the clinical treatment regime.

Our sister organization, The Fisher House Foundation, has existing houses at each of the proposed locations to accomodate the families of NICoE Satellite Center patients. 
Once complete, the network of Intrepid Spirit centers will provide the most advanced care possible to returning military personnel suffering from TBI and psychological health conditions; enhance the means of properly identifying and diagnosing these conditions in the centers, in other military and VA medical facilities and in the field; ensure the continued care of individual patients as they move through NICoE, military medical, VA and potentially external medical systems; and continuously research the causes and effects of these conditions to better understand them and develop the best care and treatment possible.

Where Are We Now?
The first three Intrepid Spirit centers at Fort Belvoir, Virginia and Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and Fort Campbell, Kentucky are now operational with two additional centers underway at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Fort Hood, Texas. At approximately 25,000 square feet, each center has a construction budget of approximately $11 million.